Sunday, 20 May 2012

Testing Loadrunner Interview Questions For Freshers

1.what is loadrunner?

2. what is vugen?

3.what is controller?

4. what is analysis?

5. what is transaction points?

6. what is correlation? what is the importance of correlation and where we have to use that?

7.what is response time?

8. what is thinktime?

9.what is pacingtime?

10. what is the difference between thinktime and pacingtime?

11. what is web_reg_save_param? and where we are using that functions?

12. what is web_reg_find?

13. what are the clientside metrics and serverside metrics?

14.what are the components of loadrunner?

15. what is scripting? and what is the purpose of scripting?

16. what is tps and hits per second?

17. what are the properties of paramater?

18.Can you explain some lr_functions?

19. What is bottleneck?and explain some causes of bottlenecks?

20. What is scenario?

(Q) What is goal oriented scenario?

(Q) What is real world scenario?

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