Friday, 1 June 2012

Abinitio Interview Questions FAQS In 2012

How will you create a multifile in unix?
  How will you test a dbc file from command prompt ??
How to run the graph without GDE?
  What is m_dump?
        How to create repository in abinitio for stand alone system(LOCAL NT)?
  How to handle if DML changes dynamically in abinitio
Using m_dump command how will you see the data without knowing the dml
  What does layout means in terms of Ab Initio
  What are the different versions and releases of ABinitio (GDE and Co-op version)
Can anyone please explain the environment variables with example?
        What is the function you would use to transfer a string into a decimal?
  How do you connect EME to Abinitio Server?
  Difference between conventional loading and direct loading ? when it is used in real time?
  What is meant by fancing in abinitio ?
  How to Create Surrogate Key using Ab Initio?
  what is difference between file and table in abinitio
  What is the difference between a DB config and a CFG file?
  What does dependency analysis mean in Ab Initio?
  How to get DML using Utilities in UNIX?
  What is the difference between rollup and scan?
What is the difference between a Scan component and a RollUp component?
Why might you create a stored procedure with the 'with recompile' option?
What do you mean by .profile in Abinitio and what does it contains?
How many parallelisms are in Abinitio? Please give a definition of each?
        What is data mapping and data modelling?
  How will you test a dbc file from command prompt ??  
  What is AB_LOCAL expression where do you use it in ab-initio?
 What is the use of aggregation when we have rollup as we know rollup component in abinitio is used to           summirize group of data record. then where we will use aggregation ?
What is the difference between sandbox and EME, can we perform checkin and checkout through sandbox/ Can anybody explain checkin and checkout?
How to Schedule Graphs in AbInitio, like workflow Schedule in Informatica? And where we must is Unix shell scripting in AbInitio?

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