Saturday, 16 June 2012

Aerospace Interview Questions

What operational benefits do hydraulic actuator/rate controls have over gas charged units?
What is the requirement to become a Professional Engineer (PE) in the field of Aerospace?
How do you use resource Leveraging on your projects ?
Can you miss the clearance limit and loose the commands from the Air Craft Officer?
Are you prepared for unexpected turbulence?
What is SPICE? Where was it developed?
What are the three tactical elements of electronic warfare?
Can ATS deliver CTC training?
What are the duties and responsibilities of aviation security agent in an airport?
What are the disadvantages of being in aerospace industry?
How would you deal with an frustrated customer?
What are the differences between Aerospace Engineering & Aerospace Electronics in TP?
 What are the main areas in Aviation?
Explain the day-to-day responsibilities of Aerospace engineering?
How can noise be reduced?
How would you handle two assignments at once with only enough time to finish one?
There is a vendor who receives inventory and a bill of sale every month but only pays off the bill once a year, how is this transaction recorded?
Tell me about a few times when you had to build a system from scratch in a short time frame?
Do you have circuit knowledge?
Without Air Traffic Control, what is the minimum descent rate you can descend the plane?
What is coulomb damping?
What is your greatest weakness?
Talk about the general topics of a quality audit?
How do you get people to do what they are supposed to do?

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