Saturday, 19 May 2012


1.What is difference between linear and non linear data structures?

(A) Linear data structures are data structures whose data are in linear. eg: Arrays

Non linear are data structures whose data are non linear format. eg: Trees

2. List the notations used in Evaluation of Arithmetic Expressions using prefix and postfix forms?

(A) Polish and Reverse Polish notations.

3. Can I use Selection method to for sorting?

(A) Yes, Selection method is used for Selection sort.

4.When I can call it complete Binary Tree?

(A) It is said to be complete when each node that has a right child also has a left child. Having a left child does not require a node to have a right child. Alternate Binary tree is a tree where their is always a left node for right node but may be may not be right node for left node.

5.How can I find the number of possible tree in the given tree?

(A) Number of possible tree = (2 power of n) – n

6.What is Hashing?

(A) Hashing is a technique to retrieve records from memory quickly.

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