Wednesday, 20 June 2012

JSF Interview Questions

  1.  What is JSF?
  2.  What is JSF architecture?
  3. How the components of JSF are rendered? 
  4. What is required for JSF to get started?
  5.  How JSF different from conventional JSP / Servlet Model?
  6. Who are the users of JSF technology?
  7. How JSF Fits For Web Applications? 
  8. How to declare the Navigation Rules for JSF?
  9.   What is JSF life cycle and its phases?
  10.  What is the role of Renderer in JSF? and justify the statement "JSF supports multiple client devices".
  11. What are tags in JSF ?
  12. How to terminate the session?
  13. How do I configure the configuration file?
  14. What is conversion and validation? and how are they related?
  15. When automatic conversion is supplied by JSF Implementation?
  16. How to get current page URL from backing bean?
  17. What does it mean by rendering of page in JSF?
  18. What is JSF framework?
  19. How to download PDF file with JSF?

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