Monday, 11 June 2012

data mining interview questions

Define Genetic algorithm?
Why A-Priori Helps?
Define Association Rule Mining?
What is Time Series Analysis?
 Explain how data mining is used in health care analysis?
 Explain apriori algorithm?
 Explain constraint-based association mining?
How many classes are there in data mining?
Explain the storage models of OLAP?
 Explain data mining applications for Telecommunication industry?
Differentiate between Data Mining and Data warehousing?
What are the different problems that “Data mining” can solve?
What is an index?
 What are the advantages data mining over traditional approaches?
 Expalin the three-tier data warehouse architecture?
 Explain how to use DMX-the data mining query language?
Explain how to work with the data mining algorithms included in SQL Server data mining?
Describe challenges to data mining regarding data mining methodology and user interaction issues?
How does the data mining and data warehousing work together?
Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets Mining?
Define Clustered and Non-Clustered Index?
What is Naive Bayes Algorithm?
 Define constraint-Based Association Mining?
 How the A-Priori Algorithm works?
 What is Spatial data mining?
 Explain how data mining is used in banking industry?
What Caused this Complexity?
 What is built-in function? Explain its type i.e. Rowset, Aggregate and scalar?
 What is Data purging?
 Explain indexing?
What is Na? Bayes Algorithm?
What are white Papers and Other Publications looking at data mining?
Determine when an index is appropriate?

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